general repair services

While we specialize in Custom Painting, we have
years of experience in a variety of types of repairs.

Residential • Commercial • Custom Painting • Exterior Surface Repairs • Garage Door Painting • Epoxy Flooring for Garages or Workshops • Acoustic Ceiling Removal • Texturing • Minor Drywall Repairs • Stucco Repairs

Exterior & Siding

Bay Area Siding Specialists

Whether your siding is cedar, redwood, shingle, or another material—our team has the craftsmanship and experience to restore it's natural beauty.

Pre-Painting Prep-Work

We understand the prep-work that goes into the custom painting process. Our team can repair decks, stairways, and more. 

Exterior Deterioration

Weather in the Bay Area can do a number on your exterior. We can update exterior dry rot, leaks, windows, and doors—especially before painting.

Visual Inspections

Before determining the repairs necessary to fix the exterior of your home or business, we will perform a hands-on inspection of the area to ensure everything is properly addressed before painting.

Natalie Testimonial Photo

I have hired Sabri painting a number of times and have had excellent results each time.  Once, he and his crew helped us with a home that had a lot of rough living and deferred maintenance.  In addition to interior and exterior painting, Sabri, who is also a licensed contractor, was able to fix multiple items that cropped up along the way.  He had excellent solutions and ideas.  He went above and beyond and delivered a superior result, which resulted in the home sold well above our projections.  He stayed within budget, even when some of the items clearly exceeded the scope of the original bid.  Clients have used him also and loved him.  He painted some tricky interior kitchen cabinets that were factory finished (they turned out beautifully!), and he was able to accomplish a kitchen backsplash tile job too.  It's a rare breed to find both a painter and contractor/ master craftsman, all in one, and this is what you get with Sabri Painting.  Big thumbs up.  Would hire again in a heartbeat.

Natalie R.

San Francisco, CA

Experienced in Bay Area Matarials

Identifying what types of materials will benefit from a good pressure wash is another specialty of ours. Sometimes this is all it takes to bring your siding, patio, walkway, decking, or stairs back to life.

Stucco Specialists

Stucco siding is one material that yields the most benefit from a good pressure wash, as it is subject to a lot of build-up, yet very easy to clean. This also works wonders for concrete patios and walkways.

Interior painting protected 5-7 years through preventative maintenance

Decking & Stairs

We have polished many sets of stairs as well as backyard decking in San Francisco with our pressure washing services. Imagine the aesthetic enjoyment you'll receive at your next get together. 

Protecting Your Investment

After each wash, we perform preventative maintenance and waterproofing to protect and extend the life of your space. This protects your real estate investment, whether commercial or residential.

Exterior painting protected 7-10 years through preventative maintenance

Pressure Washing

Marcus Testimonial Photo

As a real estate broker, I have recommended and have also hired Zidan painting on behalf of my clients in the highly competitive San Francisco real estate marketplace. Zidan Painting helps me prepare homes for sale and for new owners. Sabri, his captain Perfecto and their team do amazing work; on-time, on-budget with a beautiful aesthetic outcome whether inside or outside.  In my business details matter and the Zidan Painting team pays attention to every detail, keeping you informed every step of the way, while carefully managing the process.  They help transform properties that have a lot of deferred maintenance into beautiful homes and commercial spaces with a great finished look.  They help create great curb appeal.

Zidan Painting comes with my highest endorsement. If you are looking for a great painter for your residential or commercial properties, look no further.

Marcus M.

San Francisco, CA

Cabinet Refinishing

Refresh Your Space

If you're tired of looking at the original cabinet colors from when you moved in, a great way to refresh your space is by cabinet refinishing and painting.


Not only is cabinet refinishing stylish and cost-effective, it is also convenient. With our experience, we can update the color or wood look of your cabinets within a reasonable time-frame.

Smart Investment

Refinishing your cabinets can be done at a fraction of the price compared to installing and replacing the cabinets with new materials.

Visual Inspections

Our team will examine your cabinets to ensure that they are in good shape, to prevent issues later on after the cabinets have been refinished and painted to your liking.

We cherish our customers.

We happily serve all types of customers in the Bay Area. We've provided services for Homeowners, Property Management Companies, Contractors, Interior Designers, Real Estate Brokers, Home Stagers, Churches, Schools, Retail stores, and more!